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I'm having a c section @ 36 wks. and Iam scared for my baby.

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Im 42 yrs. old and pregnant with my 4th child. My oldest passed away from sids so i only have two living 18 and 14 yrs of age. I was informed Thursday that they will deliver my on Nov. 11th. and even though I highly disagree with their desion, I will only be 36 weeks I know about all the complications that can happen with my baby!! But my doctor does not seem to care about my feelings. I tried to get a second opinion but no one wants to take me because i am high risk and so late in my pregnancy. Am I just crazy or should I run for the hills?? PLEASE HELP!! I have placenta previa that is marginal and a pacemaker. but that is still no reason to endanger my child i believe they could at least wait a couple of weeks longer.

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im not a doctor but in ur situation i deff think having a c-section is ur best best given ur placenta previa and ur pace u deliver vaginaly something may go wrong and ur gunna think i shoulda listened to the doctors..i know having a c-section is scary(even though i havent had one) but if no other docs will look at u because ur high risk i deff think u should listen to ur current doctor..waiting a couple weeks long could cause more problems
I personally don't like feeling pushed into anything so I also would be freaking out. I don't know anything about what you are going through so I have no experience or real advice. All I can offer is support. If you are wanting to wait a couple of weeks then ask your dr about it. Or atleast why it can't be put off. Maybe knowing will help you feel better about it. I truely hop everything goes well for you and your baby. Good luck! :)
I can see both sides of it your motherly instinct to protect your child and your doctors reasoning for wanting to protect you...the patient, because until the baby is born or ready to be born you are the patient and the one they are in charge of carrying for.  Your age (NOT that you are old, just at the higher risk age), the pacemaker and the placenta previa are all negative risk factors.  Babies can be born now so early and survive.  A child born at 36 weeks can be perfectly healthy and go home in just days after birth.  Talk to your doctor, try to be calm and ask questions.  You have to think of not only your baby, but your health as well.  It does no good to grow this healthy child to have you suffer a problem during delivery.  Ask your doc what the potential risk factors are of waiting and the benefits of delivery early are.  If the risks are so great that you need to delivery early for the benefit of you and your child then I think you will know what to do.  Good luck, we'll be praying for you and your baby!
If you can, ask your doc what will happen and what the risks are if you wait. If they can talk to you about their reason for wanting to do it early and by c-section, it might help you. Let your doc know that you aren't comfortable and that you need to know more. Maybe he has weighed up the risks and come to the conclusion without informing you of why. Tell him that you need to know why, as it may change your mind or at least give you peace of mind.   All the best! I hope it all works out for you! 

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