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i'm having a c-section due to a breeched little one. what should i expect? any helpful tips for nursing, recovery, in the hospital?

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C-section is not that bad.  You don't feel anything except pushing and tugging during the procedure.  Afterwards you will feel like it's painful when you move, bend, or stand up.  It is really good to walk the next day and don't be afraid if they need to remove the staples it does not hurt.  Hope this helps.
The whole proceedure was easy. I could barely feel the shot and the surgery was kind of crazy. Lying there, they start tugging and the whole table is moving and all of a sudden you hear a little cry and "It's a GIrl!" Very cool. Take your pain meds. I tried to be tough and only take when i thought I needed to. It hurts. You need to be able to get up and down and pick your little one up often. You will regret missing a dose. My daughter will be 2 in August and my incision's still feels a little numb. It takes a while, but you can hardly see any scar. You'll do great!
Yes, the c-section surgery was not painful at all do to the medication they give you, however the pain afterwards is a little unbarable, the pain meds are all  you can do to put things at ease and remember to walk around this helps with the healing process alot.  When i had my c-section i couldnt laugh, cough stand up, walk etc...and i noticed months after i had healed that my stomach muscles were so weak that i could not pull my legs up over my head on the gym beam, so be sure to start rehabilitating your stomach muscles as soon as the pain subsides.  Goodluck!

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