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I'm having itchy skin is this normal?

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Lately my skin all over has been itchy pretty bad. My feet, hands, face, chest, legs, back, every where. Is this a normal thing that happens in the first trimester??

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Very well could be.  Pregnancy will completely throw off your normal body functions- some women get thicker hair that grows like a weed, others' eyesight get much worse than it was before, some women get gestational diabetes, and all these things will go away once that baby comes out [or within a few days afterwards].  With my second pregnancy, I had extremely dry skin that I scratched and scratched until I got scabs all over... gross, I know, but I couldn't find any moisturizer that would help, they would only make it worse.  A day or two after I delivered, my skin is softer than I can remember- without religious lotioning sessions!
This is a normal side effect of pregnancy. It occurs because the uterus grows and expands to accommodate your new baby and your skin stretches. Pregnancy hormones can also result in some itching during pregnancy as well as changes in your liver enzymes. But I would at my next doctors appointment tell my doctor about this so that they can determine if everything is ok.
try drinking more fluids, i am this way with every pregnancy and they always say that im dehydrated and need to drink more.
It happens to me too, but try not to scratch because later on you will get really bad stretch marks, try to put a lot of cocoa butter cream throughout the day and before going to bed and massage your belly when it starts itching, don't scratch.

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