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im having really really bad cramps in my back and lower stomach

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im 39 weeks my due date is oct.4 this morning i started having bad cramps in my back and lower stomach and a little bit of bleeding am i going into labor

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i ahvent been in labor before but i would deff call ur doctor because u might be..was it like "the bloody show" is what they call it, its like a mucasy bloody thing i heard that comes out before u go into labor..
It's very possible that your either in labor or will be soon. However, if the cramps started this morning and haven't gotten worse by now then it's probably just braxton hicks contractions. Try changing what you're doing. Take a couple of tylenol and drink a couple glasses of water. If none of that helps I would definitely call the dr. Good luck sweetie and remember it will all be over soon! :)
i went to the docter she said that im not in labor now but i probably will be soon
How exciting!  Good luck honeybunch!!!!  Prayers for you and your family!  :)
thanks :)
were you bleedin or was that your mucus plug. Usually when you lose that its about time. I would time those back cramps because that sounds alot like back labor to me, but Im prayin its not for you. thats hard to get through. If youre close though a hot bath will calm those back cramps and most likely send you into the full thing. Just be ready they will get really intense. switch postition as much as you can and breath in your nose and out your mouth so you dont hyperventalate. Ill be prayin for you. Just remember God doesnt give you too much you cant handle, and all that hard work will bw worth it when you look at that beautiful baby God created 

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