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im is it normal to feel depress and insecure while beeing pragnant

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no matter how much i love to feel the tiny kicks of my baby inside me, i have been insecure, lonely and depressed almost the whole time. i got really big and had to wear my boyfriends clothes ever since i was 4-5 months along! plus i dont personally know anyone else who is prego wit me so its a pretty lonely journey. keep your head up though its only 9 months of your entire life:)
I had a brutal pregnancy and felt very alone.  I suffered from perinatal depression.  I was shocked at how I felt considering my husband and I had been trying for years to concieve.  Hang in there and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.  It is worth it but those hormones can be tougher on some of us than others.
I was very depressed and insecure with my pregnancy as well.. the first one wasnt as bad.. but we just had our son on the 8th of dec and I was terrible the whole time.. I was sick constantly and felt huge and ugly.. BUT now that my little guy is here I wouldnt change anything.. after swearing the entire pregnancy and through the entire 15 hour labor ( yes even though this was my second baby I wasnt lucky enough to have a short or easy labor) that I was only going to have the two kids and no more after this I was ready to do it all over again after holding him just once.. remember it is all worth it plus some at the end keep your head up hun!

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