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I'm in my second trimester and I'm experiencing severe acne on my face. I have been using cetaphil facial soap but it isn't working. Is there anything that I can use to get rid of the acne?

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I FEEL YOU! My acne is horrible (well, to me, im sure some people have it worse) I use Clean and Clear Advantage 3 in 1 Acne face wash. My doctor said benzoyl peroxide is perfectly fine to use, which is the main ingredient. I have super oily skin so I use a face mask 3 times a week called Mint Julep Masque made by Queen Helene, it drys up the pimples pretty fast. I also can't help but use my topical creme when I have a pesky pimple that wont go away, no matter how many times I wash my face or use the face mask- I seriously had the same one for 3 weeks! I finally broke down and used the "3" part of the Clean and Clear regimine, which is salcylic acid based. It's only 2% and I've done a lot of research. Asprin is apparently in it to help with redness which is not good for your baby, but I think using it once in awhile on your skin is not even half as bad as what some people do during pregnancy (drink, smoke, use street drugs, etc.) and I doubt it even touches the baby. Doctors just have to tell you not to use it because of the potential risk, but no one can prove or tell you that the potential risk WILL happen. My mom is an RN and she said it was fine, So I use it. Do what works for you. :) Hope that helped.
in my ob/gyn office they advertise and recommend a product made specifically for pregnant women. the product is called Belli Pregnancy and i love it. i didnt know about it with my first baby but ive been using it since i found out i was pregnant with my second and it works really well. check out their website, they even have products for your baby and stuff for you to use after you have your baby. they have stuff for your entire body including washes and creams for stretch marks. the website is
I've always had acne. But it wasn't as severe as it was during my first and second semester. I tried all the acne products I could find but my mom told me that it may be due to all the harmonal changes. It's like I got a life-time of acne all at once! Now im 7 months and my face is CLEAR! Im glad it's over but maybe with time your's will eventually disapear.
I think that a lot of women have these issues both during, and after pregnancy.  It's tough not to be too paranoid about using medications.  One acne option that doesn't include medications are light based acne treatments.  A lot of dermatologists are offering blue light therapy for acne sufferers.  I had a lot of success with this approach. 
I found a good overview about the relationship between pregnancy and acne symptoms @  I hope that helps shed some light on things!
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