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I'm in my second trimester of my first pregnancy and losing weight when I eat a TON. What can be wrong with me?

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I eat approximately every hour or hour and a half and high fat foods too. I am having a babygirl and since ive been prenant i havnt gained one pound. I lost over 10 pounds and i wasnt overweight at all before i was pregant. I weighed 140 and had abs and muscles. I have a babybelly and baby is growing just fine and has all her organs and they are growing just the way they are supposed to. She is right at standards for weight and is growing longer than a normal 17 week old.

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it may just be that your baby and you have a high metabolism. there may be nothing at all wrong it may just be that the baby is getting excactly what she needs and with yours and hers metabolism then you just may not be gaining wieght.  if you still feel concerned about it though, i would speak to your obgyn

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