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im naming it carlie if its a girl but i cant find a middle name to go with it so far i have mariah ava meadow or desiree

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if its a boy im naming it skyler mason but i cant decide the middle name for a girl

answers (8) type in the first name and last and it will come up with several middle names.. good luck
thank you i found one i really like so what do you think about carlie navaya
i think that goes together nicely.  =) cute name
yeah thank you so much so how far along are you im 6 weeks
I am 23 weeks. due in dec.  Having our first little boy =). Name will be Mark Bentley, calling him Bentley. No problem about the name, my husband actually found that site when we were looking lol
im due in like may or june i cant wait to see if its a boy or girl so have you felt him kicking yet i really cant wait for that part me and my husband are so excited
Yes i felt him around week 20 lol i was so excited but my huband couldnt feel him til like 21weeks. We are so excited about having a boy! Its the best feeling in my opinion
my family has alot of girls my mom had 5 kids 4 girls and 1 boy my brother had 2 daughters one of my sisters had 2 girls and a boy so i think i might have a girl my husband said that he thought it would be cool to have a son but he will be happy if its a girl or boy

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