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im new 2 this and im only 2weeks and i always keep sharp pains and cramps is this ok or what should i do???

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I went through the same thing. It's scary but, my doctor told me it would be fine as long as I was not bleeding at all. Bleeding and cramping can be a sign of a miscarriage. Now I'm at 13 weeks and just heard my baby's heartbeat. I guess he or she is doing just fine.
I just went thru this as well. I just found out that im prego three days ago. I had a tightening and some slight cramping since we conceived almost. I am still having some cramping but it already has subsided some.. Congrats your prego...
its normal i went thru that too. its just ur body preparing 4 the long 8 1/2 months u have 2 go thru still.. :D  congrats ur prego..  good luck
Yep, the next 9 months will be full of all kinds of tugging pains, kicking, cramping, stretching, etc.  In the beginning, some of these things will come and go almost monthly, and when you get further into your pregnancy, like the last few months, things will change by the week and even by the day.  Keep reading about all the changes you'll go through so you can ease your mind a bit- it may all feel 'wrong' or 'awkward', but you're living for two now!
I agree with the others that if you aren't bleeding and the pains aren't coming at intervals then you are fine.  It is just your body adjusting to being pregnant and getting ready for that big moment.  The pain is your uterus stretching.  But I would still discuss this with my ob doctor at your next visit.
i really apreciate all of yalls helps me not 2 think bad cuz bout 6months ago i had a miscarriage had no clue i was prego i was i was scared, now ima lil past 2weeks i go get a ultrasound on the 10...i guess then ill really kno how far...

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