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I'm not gaining alot of wait, any ideas on what to do?

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I'm just now starting to gain any weight, I've gained 7lbs., In 5weeks, so i now weigh 118. I just wanted to know if there was anything extra i can do or eat, i take my prenatal vitamin's so any ideas. I'm due February 4th as well so it really counts now. Thanks :)

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Find healthy fats to eat.  Gaining weight isn't really the issue as long as your baby is growing.  If your doctor shows concerns then ask them for ideas on how to put on healthy weight.  Don't eat double cheeseburgers 3x a day, you'll pay for that in the long run.  lol!  Continue to eat either your 3 meals a day with small snacks in between or eat your 5 smaller meals a day.  As long as you are taking in the nutrients that your baby needs adn they aren't concerned about the baby's weight then you are probably fine.  Some people carry it differently.  I'm due 10 days behind you and look like I'm having twins, but that's how I carry my guys.  :)

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