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I'm only 5 weeks and I feel (I mean really feel) like I'm pregnant. I was not like this with my first pregnancy. Am I just exagerating or is it normal to feel this way this early?

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It depends on HOW you feel pregnant. If you're bloated, nauseous, have tender swollen breasts, or something like that, then yes it's totally normal. If you feel somehow connectedto the baby already then that's as normal as NOT feeling connected early on. If you're really tired and achy, that is also possible this early. If you feel like maybe you can feel the baby moving or something, it's probably just your digestive system slowing down and you're getting gassy. Which gas is  normal too. If you feel klutzy or kinda "off" it's that hormone thing (relaxin) softening and relaxing your joints. If you're just feeling a complete physical or emotional mess, welcome to pregnancy. All kinds of hormones are going crazy in your body gearing up for developing life. You should start feeling a little better when hormone levels stabilize just a little bit in the second trimester.

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