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I'm past due and going!

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My due date has come and gone and the doctors said they wont induce me until I'm at least 10 days past my due date. With my first daughter I had to be induced because she just refused to come out and i know this one is doing the same why wont they just induce me already and put me out of my misery? I've tried every wives tale to get this child to come out, but so far nothing is working...anyone have any other suggestions besides walking, castor oil, sex, spicy food, or raspberry leaf tea?

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my friend was wanting to enduce her labor so she like squated down and then pushed and it broke her water but its differant with everyone
I read an article somewhere that our due dates aren't correct unless you're the "perfect" woman and the dates can be up to two weeks wrong.  Bear with it, mama!  Your little angel will be here soon enough.
I was 2 days past my due date when my second son came.  I scheduled my induction and the very next night I had him.  It's like when you are waiting on something to happen and you start to do something to tide you over and then it happens.  Schedule your induction and you will probably go into labor, hey it's the one thing you haven't tried yet!  Your baby's going to get here when it's good and ready.  Just try to get some rest because you are going to need it.  :)
spicy food, a long warm bath, and intercourse will usually do the trick. Sperm is a natural potossin so it will help you go into labor. Walkin alot will help too
Your baby isn't ready to come then. Trust me I know what its like to be late. Its tiring and makes you crazy. My third was a week late and I was sooo tired. But plese stop trying to induce yourself. You don't want to hurt yourself or you baby.
I know that this post is from FOREVER ago, and you have already had your baby Im sure ;) but I have to agree with lissiemel! My son was 10 days past his due date and I had scheduled my induction on a Monday for the following day which I was supposed to go in on Tuesday at 6pm and get a bulb inserted to my cervix, then go home and either it would put me into labor automatically, or I would have to wait it out and go back in exactly 12 hours later so they could admit me, and give me the potosin to finish inducing. HOWEVER, I was SUPPOSED to go in to have all that done but before I could even make it to the hospital that night, 6 hours prior to my scheduled induction, my water broke all on its own ;)
i waited a while to answer and you probably already had your baby but for the future if you have the same problem next time you get pregnant i think that spicy food works really good to induce labor
I would do all of the above (and I did - long walk, spicy dinner, very stimulating sex, and a little castor oil right before bed) and it worked with both of my daughters.
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Wow I can't believe this question was still out there, lol! Thank you everyone for your words of advice I did end up waiting, and waiting, and waiting, but Avery finally made her arrival when she was ready :) too bad she was almost 2 weeks late and soooooo big I ended up needing a c section ( narrow pelvis and huge baby head, lol) but I'd do it the same way all over again. Well wishes!!


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