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I'm pregnant with my 5th child and i've never felt more uncomfortable!My back is killing me my hips hurt all the time what can i do?

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I'm just so tired of not being happy with my pregnancy. It's sad cause i only have two months left and this will be the last time for me! If any one has some suggestions on how i can be comfortable and happy i would greatly appreciate it!!

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PLEASE go and get a pregnancy massage.  They are the maker or breaker for my pregnancies.  I know people think they are expensive but I have figured out ways to cut back in other areas so that I can afford them.  I go once a month starting around 24 weeks and then once every 2 weeks starting at about 34 weeks.  It is SO worth it and I'm convinced that I have better labors, deliveries, pregnancies, and recoveries if I follow that.  Good luck!!
Yoga and other excericse.  You are feeling the pain because the relaxin (a hormone) is causing your ligaments and joints to relax, so everything is shifting out of place.  Yoga especially will help move the bones back to where they need to be, as well as strengthening the muscles to help keep them in place.  Be mindful of your posture too.
I was having problems with my hips too.  I told my doctor, he looked at the floor, saw my flip flops, and said, "wear better shoes".... and I thought okay, that's fine for now, but what about in 3 months when I'm 9 mos along.  I don't know what shoes you're wearing, but maybe that will help.  Also, are you stretching?  And lower back massage also helps me. 

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