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Im Pregnant With My First & Scared To Have Sex What Should i Do??

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Having sex is fine as long as you are not having any complications with the pregnancy. It is normal to feel that way because as a mom you want to protect your baby. The amniotic fluid protects your baby. Talk to your doctor also to get some reassurance. I am having my first also and had the same feelings. Personally, I will not be turning flips in bed but I will continue to have a healthy sex life. Good luck!!
When I first got pregnant, I was not scared at all to... BUT after we did one time I started bleeding! I was so SCARED! But the dr told me everything is fine sometimes this happens, as long as its not heavy and goes away within a few your fine.  Then my husband is also nervous now since i am futher along (32 weeks) we didnt for like 3 months or so... then one morning we did.. everything was fine.. but after I felt pressure not sure y... but everything turned out fine.. =)
thank you girls that really helps (;
its totally fine to have sex when your pregnant as long as in doesnt hurt and you dont have any complacations with your pregnancy
A lot of women have this fear and its perfectly natural. There is no reason why you shouldn't have a sex life unless your dr has told you to stop. A tiny bit of bleeding and some contractions are also normal responses to sex. So don't worry if that happens unless it doesn't stop. Good luck and enjoy! :)
Sex is fine unless your doctor tells you not too.  You or your partner may be worried that the baby can feel him, the baby can't.  It won't hurt your child at all.  It can actually be better when you are pregnant, it's definitely different!  Just relax and enjoy!  :)

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