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I'm pregnant with my third baby and wondering if others had their second or third baby sooner or later than the due date.....

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asking because I'm hoping this baby comes a little sooner since I feel like I can go at any time now with the pelvic pressure and what not.

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All my kids so far have been a week before my due date.  With my first though I was induced.  I am now on my 4th and I am assuming again the baby will come a week before my due date.
Well my 1st was 10 days early, my daughter was 12 days early(she was induced) and my 3rd was 6 weeks early(he was premie)and now with my 4th I feel like I've been preggo forever(i'm 38wks). So I'm assuming like you that this one will be early too! Hope that helps.

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