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im scared of haveing a misscarge is that normal?

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im in my first trimester, i am 6 weeks but idk if thats right or not they had estmated my due date feb 23. but they will know more as the baby gets more developed. im scared of haveing a misscarge or that something is wrong. this is my first baby and im so lost in all of this.

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that's all normal... I'm pregnant with my second and still have all those fears.. that's one of your motherly feeling, of course your gonna be worried about your little one.. good luck..
I find myself dealing with those same fears even though this is my second.  You wouldn't be such a great Mom if you didn't have those worries.  And I can also say that the worries don't completely leave after the baby is born :) Just wait til your little one starts walking and wanting to take off with anyone!
By the way Feb 23 is my due date too!  It's gonna be a GREAT day! :)
Totally normal. This is my second one and I still worry. It's hard not too. I think it gets easier to let those fears go as you get further along in your pregnancy. Once you see your body changing and growning or feel the little flutters in the bottom of your belly it's a nice reminder that everything is going well. I just remind myself to trust in God and know that he will not give me anything I cannot handle. Best of luck to you!

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