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I'm six weeks pregnant. Was unexpected. Fiance doesn't seem supportive enough help!

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I love my fiance to death. We have been engaged for just about a year. Coming into this relationship I already had three kids. He was scared to be with me because of it. But they soon grew on them and he loves them. Our plan was to get married in 2012 and start trying for our own on our honeymoon. Now, I'm six weeks pregnant. He has asked me numerous times and suggested many times the "A" word. I don't believe in it. He thinks this baby isn't a good idea at this time. I keep trying to take his feelings into consideration but its hard too. He said he will do what he has to do for this baby if I want to keep it. But I'm scared I feel like whatever I decide is the wrong idea

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This is a tough situation.  Since you were planning on having a baby at some point and you don;t believe in abortions then stick to what you believe in. Some things in life happen unexpectedly but are meant to be for some reason or another.  
first and foremost I would like to tell you to STAY STRONG! your obviously a strong women already having three chidlren of your own. you said your fiance grew to love your children, then most likely the same will happen with this baby. maybe at the firt doc appt or maybe when he/she is born, but the key thing is to stay strong on your end, no matter how he feels!
Now is the time you should re-evaluate your relationship with him. I mean do you really want to be with a man that would kill his own child. If not maybe you shouldnt be getting married. You should also follow your heart because you are gonna have to live with the decision. An abortion might seem like a quick fix but its really not and coping with that decision will stay with you long after your baby would be born....
Thank you everybody. I am keeping the baby and if he sticks around then he sticks around other then that this is my baby
You go girl! Congrats and Good luck! Stay strong!
My son is now 6 months old today.. He's a healthy chunky man who we love to death my fiance loves him to death and always loves being with him. He is a daddy's little man. Loves to play and talk to his daddy. Its so cute <3

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