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I'm so anxious I don't know what to do.

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I'm a soon to be mother of two and all though I already have my first little girl (who is almost three and in my own opinion the perfect child). I can't seem to stop dreaming of the day that I hold this new bundle of joy. I want my baby and even though I'm only 12 weeks I don't think that I can wait till March what should I do? Are there any ways to get my mind off of this?

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Im only 13 weeks and i feel the same way, even more since i had a miscarraige last year. I haven't found a way to get my mind off thinking of holding the baby. But that's not necessarialy a bad thing, were just excited!
I think it's adorable that you feel this way and I think most moms would agree they feel the same way. I would use that positive energy to focus on your baby's progree or shopping for the new baby. I have also found it very helpful to get my children involved. Then even if you can't get your mind off it you have someone having the same feelings. It's amazing how attached they can get to a baby that isn't even here yet.
Hi. I am about 20 weeks pregnant, and know exactly how you are feeling. I feel like this pregnancy is dragging on forever. I think it may be because I found out so early with this pregnancy. My husband keeps telling me to calm down and that soon enough we will have our baby. I find that by keeping busy keeps my mind off of the waiting. I have been doing research on breastfeeding, going through baby things that need cleaned up, making sure I have batteries for the swing and bouncy chair, I also work on my daughters, and the new baby's baby book. Best of luck to you and your family.

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