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im so uncomfortable

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i cant sleep my back always hurts im huge is there anyway i can make this less uncomfortable

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When your farther along you aren't supposed to sleep on your back anyway. They say you should sleep on your left side.
I'm experiencing the same discomfort. I've read taking a warm bath helps relieve back pain/ pressure. I also have a prenatal yoga dvd with exercises to help with back pain. The sleeping thing I can't advise on, I think it just comes with the end stages of pregnancy :( Good luck!
Are you also Nita24?
no but i understand why you think i am my husband has the same name as hers im 39 weeks like her and my baby is a boy like hers and i was gonna name my baby drake like her but her name is nita and my name is angel  her husbands name is mason jake mine is mason cole shes 39 weeks im technically gonna be 39 weeks tomorrow im new to the website and shes apparently been on here for a while and i got the idea of naming my baby drake from her but shes gonna name her baby drake mason im naming my baby drake ryan so we are alot alike but differant people
im having a girl and my husbands name josh mark people call him mason as a nickname and today im 40 weeks we are not even close to being the same people
im so confused. i same question about that LISSIMEL!  idk if ppl wanna be fake or not just lett em

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