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im ten weeks and i have been cramping alot should i be worried?

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they feel almost like period cramps and i lay awake all night long worried about them.

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if your that worried go to the docter its not good to worry is stresses out the baby when your worried
i have my next appt on the 8th oi cant really get in till then do you think they would see me if i called?
i wouldnt worry to much. your probly just growing inside thats y you have cramping, cramping is normal as long as u are not bleeding also
yeah i cramped alot when i was around 10-11 weeks
There are many things going on in your body when you're pregnant and it can be scary. I'm sure it's just your uterus stretching to accommodate your growing baby. Just make sure you aren't lifting anything too heavy or doing anything too strenuous as this may cause you extra pain. If you get too worried, I say call your OB's office and see what they say.
Yep, I get the same cramps. But, I knew it had to be the uterus strecthing. I mean, sure, just take over my body and tell it what to do.It never listened to me
if this is your first baby cramping is nothing to worry about. But it shouldnt be really a cramp more like a stretch cramp or stretch pain. you get them alot when you turn certain ways or when you stand up from sit down position. Your uterus used to be the size of your fist but is growin to make room for your baby so discomfort is normal. just dont worry yourself because stress isnt good and warm baths are really soothing for cramps or stretch pains so just pray about it and let God take care of it. He loves that little baby he is makin inside of you and he will make sure that whatever happens is supposed to happen ya know! :-)

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