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im wonderinq this is my first pregnancy and is it okay to drink coffe by now??

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you should limit all caffeine drinks, soda, tea, coffee.  It's hard especially if you are used to it, but the caffeine isn't good for your growing baby, but is usually okay in moderation.  Always check with your doctor if you aren't sure.
I drank 2 cups of coffee a day up until I was like 6months pregnant. My doctor said because I was a regular coffee drinker to drink a max of 2 cups a day until you can ween yourself off of it, so to speak lol. BUT the doc also said if I was drinking coffee to cut out all other sources of caffiene. Since I quit drinking coffee I drink pepsi :) in moderation. Once I got to be 8 or 9 months I noticed caffeine made the baby move a lot more so I dont drink it at all unless I have a craving and cant fight it :)

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