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Increasing Depression in the third trimester?

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I have noticed that I have become increasingly depressed in my third trimester. Is this normal? This is my second child, and I did not have any problems with depression with my first pregnancy. My first pregnancy was more physically draining, and this pregnancy seems extremely emotionally draining along with physcially draining. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on how to help?

answers (3)

Depression DOES happen to some women, and it can be helped. What you should do is make sure you talk to your doctor about it,and get it out in the open so he or she can suggest some options and help for you.Depression can be a scary thing,but I hope that you find once you get it out in the open,and get some help,that you can start feeling back to normal :)I hope you feel better!
i feel like i worte that post myself because exactally what you posted is how i have been feeling these last three months
My first pregnancy was amazing!!! This is my second & I'm having twins, I go through different emotions it seems like everyday! Mood swings,uncontrolable crying, all sorts of feelings that I've never had before.. So the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor?

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