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Induction comming soon, anything to worry about?

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I am being induced my decision, due to size of baby. They estimated him at 8lbs 6 oz and I am trying to have natural birth, but can except c-section. Just wondering what to expect?

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I was induced with my first.  I was so nervous at first.  I wanted to go completely naturally (without drugs for pain).  I made it to 5 cm without them and honestly I'm not a whimp, but I was having trouble breathing (more like holding my breath) and I was miserable.  I got my epidural (much to the relief of my nurses and my family - lol!).  Life was great after that.  The pitocin they give you to induce labor makes your contractions sharper, stronger and come more quickly.  But after the epidural, I felt no pain - only pressure, until it was time to push.  It was wonderful.  I was alert, pretty much pain free afterwards and able to hold and enjoy my first beautiful child.  I was only in labor 7 hours total, so there wasn't that whole in labor for days thing.  Make your decision on pain medications, but be open minded that you may want to change your mind.  Good luck!  :)  PS - I plan to be induced with this baby too.  I wasn't with #2 and it wasn't as pleasant. 
I was induced with my daughter.. she was just not coming yet and I was miserable and they induced me the day before our due date. Everything went fine and honestly I was wanting to do the induction all over again this time because it was easier to have everything ready and prepared for knowing the induction was having on a certain day. I went into the labor and was not wanting to take any kind of medication or anything. I gave that idea up eventually and got an epidural due to pain labor that I could not handle.. it made the labor and everything go so much smoother and quicker once I did too becuase my body was able to relax instead of tightening up with each contraction because of the pain. Good luck and I do hope that you are able to have a natural birth and not end up with a c section, as a vote of confidence Maddison was 8lbs 2 ozs and I delivered her just fine think positive =)
I was induced as well a week past my daughter's due date.  I was more relaxed since I walked into the hospital feeling great and not having contractions.  I did have pitocin with all three of my last deliveries and it does help make them stronger and progress faster.  I did end up getting the epidural, which I thought was a god send.  In my opinion, you have nothing to worry about.  I agree with maddison09, I was definately ready since I knew when it was going to happen and didn't have that worry factor of a babysitter for my other children.  It helped me be prepared.  Good Luck!!

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