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Infant Car Seats

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We are starting to look at which infant car seats to buy. What are you ladies thinking of getting? Does anyone have a Graco Snugride 32 or 35? We really like it for a couple of different reasons, the way you adjust the position of the seat, the ease to adjust the straps. What are your thoughts or what are you hoping to get off a registry?

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We had a graco sungride with our daughter.. although I honestly cant tell you if it was a 32 or 35 or even the difference.. It was our first baby and there fore I have nothing to compare it too but we loved it =) We are looking at getting another one for our little boy this time around..It was very easy to use which was my concern as a first time mom.. hope the recommendation helps atleast some
The base on infant car seats are huge!!!  We just bought a new travel system and the infant car seat base is very small so i love it!  The travel system is a sit to stand plus and at the walmart website they have a big variety for moms with 1-3 kids.
Maddison's Mommy - just fyi the 32 means it goes up to 32lbs and the 35 means it goes up to 35 lbs.  It doesn't sound like much weight wise, but they made 2 models so I guess it is.  lol!  Thanks for your opinion, I like to hear it from people who have used them before.HyperHeath - what kind/model/brand did you buy.  They have a bunch of different ones on the website.  I'm not too worried about room, because I drive a minivan with the bucket seats in the middle and full bench in the rear, but my husbands truck is a different story.    Have you gotten to use yours yet or are you still waiting for your new arrival?
I am getting a babytrend..Expedition Travel System - MillenniumI love the way it looks... and have heard good things about it
Thanks Shooker - We've looked at some Baby Trend stuff and most of it does have pretty good reviews.  You are due before me so let me know what you think once your little one is in there. 
Thanks Shooker - We've looked at some Baby Trend stuff and most of it does have pretty good reviews.  You are due before me so let me know what you think once your little one is in there. 
no problem sure sill =) This is the one we bought but it does have smaller versions depending on how many children you have.  I have not used the car seat yet but the stroller part I have used and loved it. I was nervous that it would be too big to handle easily but it is very light. Some places like burlington baby depot have spots to check out and try out strollers that might be an idea so you can see what works best for you.
Well i don't how to write back any where else on this website so i am writing back on here :) sorry about that! well i went to the doctors a while back and they told me i had a ovarian cyst! I don't know if thats the cause of my irregular period! If so could that also affect me on trying to concive?
Well mine doesn't hurt! When i was smaller i had lots a pain one day and i thought it was my apendex but it was the cyst! Then almost a year ago i had lots a pain again but not the same. So i went to the hospital and the doc said i had the cyst but he said it was small and that it might be a water cyst or a grease something like that! Is there anyway this cyst could go away? any medacation?


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