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Infant Car Seats

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We are starting to look at which infant car seats to buy. What are you ladies thinking of getting? Does anyone have a Graco Snugride 32 or 35? We really like it for a couple of different reasons, the way you adjust the position of the seat, the ease to adjust the straps. What are your thoughts or what are you hoping to get off a registry?

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Well i'm a little bit over weight and i'm like on a diet... do you think that with me loosing weight it will help me get rid of them?
I'm also useing diet pills to loose wieght and ive lost about 5 pounds in about a week and 4 days! I have a sort of personal question i wanna ask you! I have like mucus i guess thats what they call it i'm not sure but it's like sort of yellowish to clear and it smells badly... I don't even have the 24 hours since i've tooken a shower and it's smells! And i havn't had sex for a coulpe of days so i know for sure it's not that! But could i be pregnant? i heard that When your pregnant your smell badly!! please help!


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