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Insurance won't cover an epidural. Any suggestions for pain relief?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for pain relief? I found out that my insurance won't cover an epidural and I'm really scared about giving bith the natural way. Are there any breathing techniques or any ideas that would calm me down enough when I go into the hospital to eas the pan? =(

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Talk to your doctor.  They can recommend plans and alternatives for the epidural.  Try to relax as you will see on here some women go natural and prefer it because they feel more in control and they did great.  You may be someone who has that inner strength to just push through the pain and it not bother you too bad (I'm not - lol!).  There are breathing techniques that can help too, I'm not sure what they are, maybe try a book store or a library to browse natural methods.  Things with heat in them (rice sock), warm blankets will help reduce the pain in your lower back area as well as one of those birthing balls. There are a few websites too:birthingnaturally.netgivingbirthnaturally.comGood luck!!!  Remember who you are doing it for and you can find your strength!!!
I plan to go natural this time around so I've researched some of the labor tools for going natural. A big part of it is staying calm and not fighting your body. Birth balls, ice, heat, tennis balls, water, aromatherapy and music are the main ones I can remember off the top of my head. Books are a good idea, I plan to buy some myself. The ones that sounded the most helpful were the bradley method, the lamaze guide and hypnobirthing. I haven't read them but they sounded helpful. Also they can give you medication through your iv that will help with pain but it won't be like an epidural. I hope all goes well for you. Good luck sweetie! :)
i know that when u go into the hospital they can give u some pain meds in ur iv before u even get the maybe u could just get that and hopefully that helps enough
i got the epidural with my daughter layla but there are alot of women that do it all natural maybe you'll be one of them...........(im obviously not) but if you go to the library there should be birthing books that have breathing techniques and other things about giving birth naturally. good luck!!!!! :)
I had my first son naturally, but not because I planned it or anything. It just happened that way and I somehow found the inner strength to make it through. I remember that when the lighter contractions hit I was able to take a warm/hot shower, kneeling over a chair because you won't want to stand a whole lot. Then when the heat became ineffective, I got out and spent time rocking around on a birthing ball and on all fours. I will admit, when the contractions got harder, I panicked. I was scared about how long it would go on for, how much more it could hurt, etc. This is where I had a half dosage of Phentenol. This is an injection drug that acts like a very strong Tylenol. Phentenol was great not because it took away all the pain (it only lasted 45 minutes anyhow), but because it calmed me down and allowed me to "get in the zone." Once you are "in the zone" time flies and you are suddenly pushing, which brings serious and instant relief. You can make it through the pain, women have been doing it for thousands of years, but it's getting through the panic that is hard. You can do this. Your body was built for this. :)

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