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Intelligender gender prediction Test

3 answers
Has anyone heard of the gender determination test called intelligender? It is advertised in a lot of the pregnancy magazines and you can also buy it at many drugstores. I used it with my last pregnancy & it said boy, but since I already had 3 boys I wanted a girl and I didn't believe the test was accurate until my US & he is definatly a boy. I bought 2 of them this time and the first one said boy & the second said girl. It's a pretty easy test, first morning urine, alittle bit of mixing and ten minute wait and you get your result. I went on their website and read their testimonials and outa about 50 there were only about 5 false results. Has anyone used these tests and how accurate was the result?

answers (3)

my girl test ended up i had a lil boy not a girl but i new fromthe start he was a boy i got it as a gift so i took it and it told me girl but i got the boy i wanted in the first place and did you breastfeed your kids cause  i have a quest posted if you could let me no if you have an answer
I took this test at 10 weeks and it said boy -clearly- and it is true cause I am 24 weeks and the US's that I have had clearly show a penis!
Thanks for the post. I am not familiar with the gender determination test.  I guess every mother and support system are excited of what the baby's gender is. Each member has bet on what sex he or she wants for the unborn child. But have you heard of a genderless baby? Toronto mother and father David Stocker and Kathy Witterick became father and mother for the 3rd time when newborn Storm was born on New Year's day. The couple, however, has decided to keep the child's gender a secret. They're leaving it up to Storm to reveal that knowledge for him or herself. Here is the proof: Parents decide to keep baby’s gender secret,

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