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Irritated with father

2 answers
I am 6 weeks pregnant and I feel such an irritation with my boyfriend as of late. Every single thing he does, every single noise he makes his stupid little comments just annoy me. Why am I feeling like this? Is it pregnancy or something deeper?

answers (2)

If deep down inside you know that you still love him than I think that it might just be hormones.  Right now you're probably feeling sick and tired a lot lately.  So when he does things you probably think in you're head leave me alone and shut up all ready.  But it will all be alright try to have some alone time a few minutes to yourself.  You can take a walk, take a bath, or even a nap and if you really want to do something with him than ask him for a massage or go watch a movie together(you'll be with him but you won't have to talk.) Rememeber it will be all right just try to relax remember it's for the baby.  Happy Mommy=Happy Baby
I can't remember where my friend moved last but I was just wondering if you are her. She left northeast Texas to go be with her boyfriend who works on the pipe line, and all of your comments really remind me of her. In any case, I wish you the best with your baby and baby's father no matter who you are.

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