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Is it bad for the baby if I eat spicy or "hot" food ? ex: the atomic wings from "wing stop"

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no i eat spicy struff ,, i have craved it since pregnant, but it can give you heartburn so if it does, then you may not want to eat it, but i say go ahead
As long as it's cooked well, it should have no effect.  Some women, like me, crave it, and some others are able to tolerate much spicier foods than they could before.  And I agree, it may give you some vicious heartburn, and for that, you can drink milk, eat yogurt, ice cream, and pop as many Tums as it takes to feel comfortable again!
I will confirm what the others have said.  No it won't hurt the baby.  It may give you heartburn but that is about it.  I think every pregnant woman craves spicy foods at one time or another during pregnancy.  Don't worry about it.  Yes, make sure the food it properly cooked and never eat under cooked food especially while pregnant.

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