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is it bad to breast feed during pregnancy?

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i have a almost 3 yr old daughter that still breast feeds, but i thik im pregnant its been hard to stop breast feeding her she wont go to sleep at nite , (she only needs it to go to sleep).do i have to stop can it harm the pregnancy? and do u have any advise on how to do i?

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Don't worry. Even if yo are pregnant you have time to wean your preschooler. I'd start soon though. Schedule an appt with your OB/GYN for a pregnancy screening and ask the doc at your appt when you should stop breastfeeding your older child. Try to start the weaning process by pumping and giving a sippy to your child as you cuddle with her. Then, when she's gotten used to not actually drinking directly from you, switch to warm cow's milk (soy milk if she's lactose intolerent). Keep cuddling with her when you switch. This is probably the biggest reason she wants to still breastfeed - the closeness to you near bedtime that she doesn't want to give up.
As long as you are having a normal pregnancy, it is perfectly safe to continue nursing your daughter. I also love that you are open about nursing your 3 year old, many moms are ashamed or try to hide that they nurse a child that old as it's a social stigma, good for you! :)   When you get into your last trimester, the nursing could trigger some early contractions as breast-feeding does help your pelvic muscles to contract, so by the 3rd trimester you may want to consider your options - but there are plenty of moms who continue to nurse through-out the entire pregnancy and even tandem-nurse. (Breastfeed 2 kids of different age at once.)
my cousin has a 3yr old that she nursed all during her pregnancy and after her pregnancy she nursed both or her children. She said it made it easier for the new baby to nurse and she seemed to get more because she already had a steady supply. plus she didn't have to deal with engorged breasts. It's totally safe. You may want to take in extra nutrition since you'll be feeding two babies. my cousin took extra supplements or something talk to your doctor about safely taking in extra nutrients without overeating. My cousin had tried to stop breastfeeding towards the end of her pregnancy but as soon as she had the new baby her toddler wanted to breastfeed even more. so even if you stop breastfeeding now she may try to start up again as soon as new one arrives. 
I don't know that it is "bad", but your body is literally being drained from every end.  That has got to be tiring for you.  Since she is 3, it is more then okay to get her off the breast.  She is old enough to drink milk in a sippy cup.  Good luck, she must not be easy to ween. Make sure you are eating as healthy as possible and taking your vitamins and drinking plenty of water so you can maintain all the nutrients for everyone involved  (including yourself) if you plan to continue breast feeding.

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