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Is it bad if I don't take vitamins?

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i have a really hard time taking pills and i can really only take pills i can break in half or be a smaller pill. i just have a hard time remembering to take them also, but i do drink alot of milk and get alot of folic acid in oj and other things with it in it. but should i start taking them and start now? thanks for your answers=]

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It's really hard to take all the vitamins needed through food alone. Especially with all the processed foods we consume today. Though you don't have to take prenatals there are studies that show how beneficial DHAs are for your growning baby and it's really hard to get through foods alone. But women have been having healthy babies for years without prenatals but just make sure your eating really healthy. I take them so I can stay in a routine of keeping as healthy as possible and so once I do start taking birth control again I will already be on a schedule. But its your choice.

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