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Is it a boy or a girl

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I am not sure what you are exactly asking here.  But if you are wanting us to guess what you are having then I will  say a girl.  I you are asking what others are having I am not sure yet.  But I am hoping  for a girl.
There's old wives' tales that people swear by to predict what they're having. For instance: heartburn during pregnancy means the baby will have hair at birth... I had heartburn with both pregnancies, they both had hair.  I would say it's coincidence, others would disagree.A lady I met in Mazatlan, Mexico told be when she felt my belly with my last one that it was a girl... and swore she predicted girls with 3 other people who ended up having girls... I had a boy. A man working on a cruise ship I went on told me by the shape of my belly, it'd be a girl... once again, it was a boy.I think the saying is, if the baby bump is football shaped, it's a boy- basketball shaped is a girl... it might be othe other way around, I can't remember.  My daughter was football shaped and my son was basketball shaped.Either way, there's a 50/50 chance of the baby being one thing or the other... in the rarest of cases, it could be both.  Around week 20 is when the doctor can find out for sure [or almost for sure].
they say if you carry low its a boy if you carry high its a girl. both of my kids were carried high and they were both girls. im carrying low this time so im hoping boy
If you are asking about your baby gender you can try to predict with Chinese gender chart.

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