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I heard that if your having a boy your stomach looks different than when your having a girl... Is that true? Is there a really a diference? Is there also certain symptoms for each gender? I dont know im confused!!!..

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with my first child my son i was carrying all around with my daughter  2nd child i was all belly and she was late .  my son was about 3 weeks early. not sure what to expect with this 3rd one  every one has  been different!!  good luck and congratulations to all the mommies 
i asked the same qusetion befor i found out i was havein a boy...they told me because of all the unnormal stuff thats going on what me i would be havein a girl....but comes to find out im havein a im still confused
the old wives tale states that if it's a boy, you'll be all front and carry low, if it's a girl, you'll be round and carry high. i have noticed lately, it seems to be true for the most part, but your body is going to carry the baby the way it wants to. i'm 40 weeks and 3 days with my first child; it's a boy. throughout my entire pregnancy, i've carried in the front and extremely low. you can't even tell i'm pregnant from the back. i have a friend who's 25 weeks pregnant with a boy, and she's sort of in between. as with the symptoms, i've had the cravings they say you get with boys (not sweet, but salty foods, etc) as well as other symptoms. as i mentioned before, your body will deal with the baby/pregnancy the way it wants to; you won't have that answer until the doctor's tell you (and even that isn't 100%, but has come a long way). try not to get too anxious over it, as you will soon find out. =D (also, you can try try the chinese birth calender. it's pretty interesting and usually correct.)
Sometimes mother's stomach really differs with boy and girl but sometimes not. This not very precise method of baby gender detrmination. But you can try to predict it with Chinese Pregnancy calendar also.

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