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Is it common to have nose bleeds during your pregnancy?

4 answers
My girlfriend had a nose bleed yesterday & i didnt think nothing of if ,but i heard it was bad. Any help?

answers (4)

Its common to have nosebleeds during pregnancy. Its a result of nasal passages drying out and increased blood volume during pregnancy. If you or your gf are really worried about it you can ask her dr.
its very common. esp. if she has a stuffy and runny nose. blowing to hard can cause a nose bleed too
Nose bleeds are extremely common.  I remember the first time I had a nose bleed, I freaked out.  So did my hubby. lol
I get them from time to time. It seems that it happens when i am stuffed up. My dr. told me it was fine and very common especialy in the second trimester.

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