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is it to early?

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ok my husband wantes me to take the pregnancy test but i am thinkin its to early... when is the earliest possible time for you to take a test when its a first response test that can tell you up to 5 days earlier? my last period ended the 17th, ovulation started on the 26th and ended on the 29th. My next period should be around the I asked a Q on here and one person said that I would be 2 weeks and 6 days today if i was to have gotten pregnant, so can i take it and have it show? thank you so much :]

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Hello, Ovulation usually starts around the 14th day of your cylce... which would actually be 2 weeks from the FIRST day of your period, NOT the last day of it. So you would have ovulated sooner than the dates you have listed above. Assuming you started your period on April 10th... the earliest you should test would be May 14th. Have you seen a Dr. for a preconception appointment yet? They can explain fertility to you better there so you don't miss your best days for conceiving. 
yea thank you, i figured that out while writtin this. mmmkkayy haha thanks...... :/ i guess this month i will try.
When I got pregnant  the first time I took two of the early pregnancy tests and they both came out negative, I was devastated when the whole time I really was pregnant. Just don't get discouraged if it comes out negative the first time because it might still be too early :)

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