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it feels like i might puke up my guts sometimes and this is my first baby so i dont know if thats normal

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ugh morning sickness... i dont miss that lol.. I didnt get sick a lot but when i did it was bad. I would have to stop the car several times. But dont worry it gets better =)
thank god cant wait for it to get better
I had morning sickness like that when I was pregnant with my son. I'm pregnant again and had no morning sickness at all. It does get better. Try to eat small meals during the day. Small meals can settle better than three large ones. Hope u feel better soon!
When it hit the 7th week I was so sick!I didn't know what to do. It's slown down but when I do get sick I get all burpy and of course throw up. But it's been every few days now that I am at almost 13 weeks. I can say it defenity feels like you are going to throw up your guts! And it's an aweful feeling, but let me tell you I don't miss my period! I had the worst cramps, so this is a mini-vacation with slight side-effects. Good luck!

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