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Is it goin to be a girl or boy

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first pregnancy throw up three times and found out it was a girl, the second pregnancy I had morning sickness the ehole nine months and found out it was a girl, now I am on my third pregnancy and havent had any sickness or throw up so could this be a boy.

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Try to predict with Chinese pregnancy chart.
I was sick at the begining and I am having a boy dec 16th =) My friend is having a lil girl in a few weeks and never got sick.. I think it just depends
My first I was sick for 4 weeks - boyMy second I was sick for 1 week - boyMy third I was sick for 12 weeks - boyMy chinese pregnancy predictor said this was a girl - wrong!The heart beat predictor said girl - wrong!Everyone and every pregnancy are different - there is no easy way to tell or guess.  Sonogram confirming is your best bet!
all pregnancys are differant but have you ever heard girls steal your looks boys dont that means that if its a girl your hormons and her hormons clash so you get pimples or black heads but boys dont have the same hormons as you so you dont break out as much
Durring my first pregnancy I was sick the whole nine months and I had a girl.  The second pregnancy I only got sick twice and had a girl.  Now with this third pregnancy, I was super sick the first trimester then the sickness stopped for a couple of weeks and I now get sick everymorning and afternoon...and this time I am having a boy.  So, I have learned that my body changes with each pregnancy and the sex of the baby can't be determined on how or when I get morning sickness.  You will only know when the baby is born or if you decide to find out durring one of your ultrasounds.  Besides that, it is still fun to do all the silly baby guessing games anyway.
There is this test called INTELLIGENDER. You can buy it at walgreens and take it at 10 weeks. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS. green is for boy, orange is for girl. 90% accurate. Really cool however your 20 week ultrasound is 100%.

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