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Is it harder to recover from second C-section?

2 answers
I had a C-section with my first child and am going to have another one. My first went very well. Was up walking around and not much pain at all. I used the pain meds only to sleep at night for the first couple days. Then I was fine. I heard the second is harder to recover because of all the scar tissue from the first and it takes longer to heal. Has anyone experienced or heard about this? Please let me know.

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I am currently pregnant with my fourth child, so this will be my fourth c-section and from my personal experience they get easier everytime. The scar tissue can and should be taken out by your doctor during your surgery, as far as healing I couldn't tell that it took any longer. I guess you just know what to expect the next time whereas you didn't with the first one. Good Luck!
Thank you for the advice!! I still have a few weeks to go but have been very nervous. You have helped easy that a little bit!! Thank you!!

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