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Is it normal?

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My friend is having her little girl in about 5 weeks... I am not having my son for 10 weeks.. I am very upset! I want him to go full term and be born on his due date, but I just wanna hold my little man. Is it normal to be jealous of her? I tell my husband all the time, he just laughs at me lol but really I am happy for her I just wish mine was first lol.

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It is normal.  And those feelings may increase as she gets closer.  You may also go early by a week or two, but trust me don't wish the time away.  Enjoy these last 10 weeks because they are going to fly by.  Your life will change dramatically in ways you can't even imagine once your little man gets here.  Enjoy time alone with your hubby, make time to do special things for just the two of you, because unless you have a great and close family support it may be a while before you get to do stuff like that again.  See a movie, go to a nice dinner - these are some things that once you have your little man will get put on hold for a while.  I know you are happy for her and want your baby so bad, we've all been there and it will come!  Hope this helps!  :)
Thanks... I do hope he waits til his due date lol.. And me and my husband try to do stuff when we have time off work... Last weekend he rented a room at the hamton and dinner and movie it was amazin =)   Thanks
That's probably one thing that I miss, is date night.  We live 6 hours from our closest family so they are few and far between we probably get 4-5 date nights a year.  Before you have the baby is also the only time when you don't talk about the baby.  What he did, didn't do, what he ate, what he likes, dislikes, makes you laugh.  It's hard on post baby date nights to talk of anything other than the kids because for us they are our life.  You sound like you will be the same way.  It sounds silly but you miss those things sometimes.  As it got closer to our due dates I couldn't wait for them to get here.  That need to see and hold your little one is huge the closer you get.  I have a friend who can't have kids, so everytime one of us gets pregnant it just kills her so the jealousy thing I get!  I have 2 cousins that are due right around the same time as me, so the race to have one first will be funny!  :)
Haha good luck on that =)
its normal because some people wanna have their baby sooner than anyone can think.
yeah lol... I do want him to come on his due date i just wanna hold him lol
I know how you feel.. with our first child, my boyfriends cousin had her little girl 9 weeks before we were due to have ours. And while I was thrilled to be able to go up to the hospital and see them, she is one of my closest friends by the way.. I wanted to be there.. I was so ready to just hold my daughter and be a family.. try not to worry too much abotu it be happy for your friend and know that your time is coming soon! Enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant, which may seem impossible to do but once I had her I actually missed feeling her move and the baby bump lol.. sounds crazy right? lol I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy and not rush it but having a 15 month old I seem to be the same way wanting my little man to just be here already and I am only 28 1/2 weeks so I still have awhile to wait lol

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