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is it normal to be 3 weeks along an feel randomly sick at like odd times?

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If you're only about 3 weeks along you haven't missed your period yet, so the sickness is pretty early. But only being sick occasionally is okay - and you're one of the lucky ones - and normal during early pregnancy. With my daughter I was about five weeks along - a week late on my period - when my birthday came around, and I spent the ENTIRE morning and early afternoon throwing up almost constantly. Then I was fine for the next almost 72 hours. Then I was sick as a dog off-and-on sporatically for the next week at all different times of the day. Then I was fine for two or three days.
i just hit my second trimester and my nausea is just starting to get better but i learned that if i ate every 3-4 hrs it wasnt so bad and my sister told me about preggie pops which have been the best at keeping my nausea under control, but ive been told the worse your nausea is the less likly you will misscarry, not sure how much truth there is to it but its something ive been told
Morning sickness can (and usually does!) hit at very odd times! Mine is usually worst very first thing in the morning, and than pops up thru the day, usually when my stomach is empty, and than I get another really bad wave in the evening. With my very first pregnancy, I had no morning sickness at all, but miscarried at 9 weeks. With my last pregnancy, I started having morning sickness at about 6 weeks, and it lasted up until I delivered my son at 37 weeks! This pregnancy it started even earlier, I hadn't even missed my period yet and was already feeling ill, which was one of my first clues I might be prego again!
It is completely normal to be sick when you're this early.  I think I was sick (just random pangs of nausea which would turn into a desperate sprint to the bathroom to barf up whatever was left in my stomach).  It went away after 6 or 7 weeks.  Try keeping crackers or ginger ale with you at all times.  This may also sound completely strange, but I promise it worked for me...Keep half of a lemon in a ziploc bag in your purse.  When you start feeling queasy, open the bag and breathe the scent of the lemon for 2 or 3 breaths.  For some odd reason, the scent of the lemon was strong enough to override my nausea. I hope this helps.  Nausea sucks, but hopefully it will get better soon.  Your doc can prescribe something for nausea if you're having trouble keeping food down.  Best of luck to you!

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