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is it normal to be this emotional and irritable???

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so i haven't had a doctor comfirm it, but i've had three positive pregnancy tests, (however they appear neg at first and turn positive after a few minutes) anyways i've been more sensitive lately, and a lot of things make me cry. and i get irritated VERY easily. i mean like almost everything starts to annoy me to the point i want to scream my lungs out. is this normal?

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It can be very normal to get irritated fast when your pregnant.  Your poor body is being taken over by hormones. If it gets too bad talk to your doctor about it.
I'm a nanny and the little girl I babysit has a really bad diaper rash. She started crying when i was changing her so I started crying. The dog scared me when he braked and it irritated me so bad. So i would say yes just because I've been told my emotions are all normal. They say you shouldn't look at a pregnancy test till the number of minutes that the packaging telling you. Unless you are taking on at 20 weeks it will most likely come out nagative at first just letting you know it's working. I'm pretty sure if three test tell you you are pregnant you are pregnant. You will get more falsa nagatives then positives.
thank you! when i go to the dr to get bloodwork done, i will bring my emotions up to the dr. it just worried me lol because even listening to music makes me cry lol i just feel like i'm always on edge.
its totally normal i did that my whole pregnancy
I am just six weeks pregnant and i noticed right away my attitude changing,.  I cant tolerate to much i get annoyed really fast but i try and bite my tongue and tell myself it just my hormones.. dont freak out..
I absolutely understand that. With my pregnancies I have always been like that. Its not so bad this time around so I think it gets easier to control the more times you go through it. Its normal and anybody who knows anything about prego women will expect it. It'll get better though. Good luck :)

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