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is it normal to be emotional over dumb things?

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*my boyfriend works alot & hate it when he leaves i feel all alone and want him to be with me, but theirs times he wants to go hang out with his friends & do guy things, to me all i want is for him to spend time with me am i sucking the life outta him by thinking this?? -confused && need advice.. -Valerie

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i felt like that to when i was pregnant with my little girl layla everything made me cry its totally normal
You are not crazy and it's totally normal to get very emotional through out your pregnancy.  Try to give him some guy time though because once your little one gets here he may not have any of that time for a while.  It may be best for your relationship to let him hang out (NOT all the time, because he needs to be there for you during this), but he needs some individual time too.  Try to hang out with some of your friends or family when you get to feeling lonely, soon enough you'll have a little one who will always be there and you'll need your girl time too.  :)
I very much agree with lissiemel. I think he needs space to hang out with his buddy without feeling that you are being pushy or it makes you upset. I think it will benefit your relationship and you should try doing fun stuff with your girls. I used to get upset when my husband wanted to hang with with his friends (mostly cousins) but I stopped being that way, and we are soo much better. Guys needs their space and trust me, so do we =)
:) thanks gals that really helps i try and be more spaceish with him, & hopefully our relationship gets better =))

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