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Is it normal to be extra irritable with 2yr old while 6 months prego?

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Sure.  2 year olds are learning to push the limits, push buttons and see what they can get away with.  Some are more affected by mommy having another baby.  Try to remember that your little one is going through a lot of changes to and keeping you calm keeps your growing littel one calm and is better for your older kiddo too.  It's hard and I'm quick to lose my temper or get irritated too, but they seem to know when they can get away with more stuff and will pick up on your mood too.  Good luck!  :)
Yup i nanny a 3 year old and today i made her eggs with cheese for breakfast but them on a plate turns out she had to see me put the cheese on her eggs and she wanted a bowl! just really made me mad cause I had to wash an extra dish... She is always trying to push me!
Absolutely!!! I have a 2 year old and i'm 5 months preggers. She's always throwing tantrums and wanting me to carry her when all I want to do is sit or sleep. It doesn't make you a bad mother to feel frustrated. When you feel overwhelmed just do what I do; take a deep breath and remind yourself that she just wants her mommy and needs a little attention. Give your toddler a hug, tell her you love her and hopefuly she'll settle down, even if she doesn't you'll probably feel better anyway!
YES! I have a little girl fixing to turn 3 and since she found out we are having a baby she decided she isn't potty trained anymore. She pees on everything all day long and refuses to wear clothes! I just know I'm gonna go crazy if something doesn't happen. Lol.
I am so glade to hear im not the only one i have a set of two year old twins and i am just not 26 weeks and get frustrated so eassly any advive for me to keep my temper.

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