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Is it normal to crave baking powder? The last month I have been eating it out the can!

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A lot of women expierience PICA during pregnancy. It is when you have very usual cravings. But I don't think baking powder would be a very safe thing to ingest when pregnant. I would let your doctor know. Baking powder can make you more alkalotic which depending on how much you are ingesting could be a bad thing.
Its normal to crave different types of stuff while your pregnant but i wouldnt eat it. My friend when she was pregnant craved cornstarch and dirt
At my WIC interview they asked if I'd craved dirt, clay or laundry detergent!  Apparently the cravings indicate a need your body has for nutrients that are predominant in those substances.  Usually craving dirt means you are iron deficient.  Increasing amounts of red meat, beans, lentils, and even some cereals can help balance those levels.  If you are very low on iron you may have anemia.  It's important to tell your doctor about your cravings. Especially if it is for something you shouldn't eat.

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