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Is it normal to feel plain while pregnant?

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Im 32 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. I lately have had the feeling of being plain and ordinary and not catching my fiance's eye like I did before. He doesnt seem to act any different towards me but I dont feel like the same person he fell in love with. I know I have been hormonal lately and that is probably all it is. I've heard of women feeling beautiful while pregnant but I havent gotten that feeling. I've gained so much weight and I dont feel like the fun little thing anymore but I also realize Im going to be a mom so I shouldnt be the fun little thing but I would just like to feel beautiful at my new size. Is this normal to feel like a big fat plain slob of a blob while pregnant?

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YEP!  You got it- hormones all the way babe!  They turn you into the most different person on the planet!  You will experience hate, love, sad, excited, depressed, glowing, fat and fabulous all within the same day!!!  I am on baby #4 and it always the same.  When I feel myself going out of my mind (and by that I mean thinking that my husband thinks I'm ugly and the whole world is out to get me) I remind myself that I am PREGNANT and that deserves an excuse all within itself!  You'll be be back to your fun little self... you'll see.  And then in a few years you'll get pregnant and do it ALL OVER AGAIN! :)
PS: about your size...  I don't know how much weight you have gained but some things that have helped me deal with the blob feeling is to EAT HEALTHY!  I also have a "when you have your baby" journal, and inside are full of tips and ideas I will do when I can start working out and loosing weight.  I also have several fitmess magazines that I have bought and saved.  So, in the 6 weeks of post pardum I have some motivation reading while nursing.  Nothing like looking at healthy chicks to make you want to leap off the couch at 6 weeks and get moving.  Just keep telling yourself that the weight is temporary and you'll strive to get it all off!
I'm at about 23 weeks and I'm starting to feel really big.  It's  hard for me not to be able to hug my husband tight when he gets home from work because my belly is in the way.  But usually when I feel the worst, he seems to know and tells me how beautiful and sexy I am even with a bigger belly.  I think if he didn't then I would be in an even worse place emotionally. Just because you are going to be a mom doesn't mean you can't still be the kind of person you want to be.  Sure being a mom means new responsibilities and most people I know change quite a bit when they become mothers.  Try to make it a natural change for you.  Don't pass over jeans you like or that look good on you just because they don't look "Mom-ish" enough!  You can still be the kind of person you want to be, as long as you are being responsible and caring for your child.  You wont be this size forever, as long as you are taking care of yourself.  You have just under 2 months left!  Soon instead of a big pregnant belly you will have a sweet little baby.  Then it will all be a little more worth it!

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