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Is it normal to get really frustrated, angry, and overreact? What effect does this have on the baby?

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It is perfectly normal to get really frustrated, angry and overreact. It's all the hormones and changes your body is going through. As far as I know test have shown that there is no proof that this has any effects on the baby.
Stress is a fact of life. Pregnancy itself has the ability to cause a fair amount of stress, even when everything is just right.The stress hormone cortisol is found in measurable amounts as early as the seventeenth week of gestation.  When the levels of cortisol is higher in the mother, it is also higher in the amniotic fluid levels.While in general, cortisol helps a body deal with the stressful situation appropriately, long term exposure for a fetus is unknown. We do know that long term exposure in adults leads to illness, depression, and exhaustion, to name a few. In turn this leads to poor health including high blood pressure, heart disease and ulcers.Babies with higher cortisol exposure levels in utero had lower IQs at 18 months in a study that was done. Others have indicated that this stress may also lead an increased risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).So I would say try to stay as calm as possible, make a list of things that you feel you are blessed by or lucky to have and look at it frequently to keep you positive, and Congrats on your pregnancy!
I've read something, I wish I could find it, that said something about a study that showed extreme stress, such as a loved on dying, is what can really impact a baby in the ways asudheimer mentioned above. That this level of stress during pregnancy can lead to problems with children being able to cope or developing things like ADHD. I've also read a study that major depression in pregnancy can lead to an increased likelihood of having a child that will commit violent crimes. But, I think they just don't know for sure what stress and depression can really do to the baby. Probably best to try to find a way to reduce it where you can. Even though that's easier said than done! 
I was put on a low dose of zoloft for my anxiety at about 20 wks and it has done wonders, it has even helped my depression ive had forever. And not to mention i havent had a temper like i used too. Dont forget not to get discouraged if you decide to get something to help you, they do take a few weeks to kick in...
perfectly normal to overreact and get angry, you can blame the hormones.  i doubt you are hurting the baby (assuming it is normal circumstances you are living under in your household).  just ask your partner and those around you to be a little more patient while you act a little more emotional. and apologize when you realize that it was you, not them
Hormones are partly to blame for mood swings and ultrasensitivity. It's normal at any time to have negative feelings and even occasionally fly off the handle. TRY to stay positive and control your temper. But righteous indignation you should express. Feeling emotions is normal, so don't get more stressed because you're stressed out or upset. And don't bottle it up, because THAT can hurt you AND the baby. Normal stress doesn't really affect the baby negatively.
Your hormones are raging, you're probably having cravings and aversions, you might be vomiting, your belly is growing, your breasts are swollen, you're getting kicked in the ribs while being headbutted in the bladder, and you might be getting stretchmarks.  The way I look at it, I'm PMS-ing for nine months... best part is... no periods!!!  Your friends that have never have kids probably won't understand, and men won't no matter what, but I don't think anyone will hold it against you.  Stress and flying emotions are extremely common during pregnancy, and pretty much expected.  Your baby should be fine, they aren't as effected as we think they are!
well its normal to be frustrated and angry but it can also stress ur baby so you should try just going outside and taking deep breaths by yourself to calm you down

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