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is it normal to have cramps being 22 weeks pregnant?

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What kind of cramps?  Cramping when you stand after sitting or lying down?  That kind of cramping can come from your body adjusting to your baby and making room for him/her.  I get those and have to wear a support belt to help ease them.  OR cramping like a period cramp?  Those I would say, no are not normal, at least they haven't been for me.  I would say if you are having consistent cramping that's similar to a period cramp that you should call your doctor right away this morning.  It's not unheard of for people to go into pre-term labor as early as 22 weeks and I would rather be checked out to make sure (especially with it being Friday) than wait until later and have to use an on-call doctor.  Hope it's nothing serious, but I probably would call to ask a doctor's opinion.  Good luck!  :)
im 24 weeks and get minor cramping. its normal because ur bodys making room for baby and the added weight of th ebaby can cause them too. if ur not bleeding and its not severve pain then dont worry. if u get worried though deff call ur doctor.
I had cramps at 22 weeks aswell. I got scared and went to the ER. because theat times were so unbareable.They ran blood test gave me a pap and id an ultrasound.Apparently my freakin out was due to m uterus stretching more...I was told after that to just look for blood, abnormal vaginal discharge and buring when I pee.
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