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is it normal to have headaches three days out of the week?

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It sounds pretty broad, but I would say so, but it should be something easy to fix by diet or some other adjustments.  Are you still early on in your pregnancy?  Pregnancy takes a LOT out of you, literally.  You have to think "I'm living for two now". With my first pregnancy, I went to work on the sales floor all day and only had one 12 oz. bottle of water all day long [this was also during 100+ degree weather in Arizona].  When I was making dinner that night, I blacked out for the first time in my life. Sometimes I'd get headaches or leg cramps that I'd never had before.My OB said: Water, water, water, WATER!!!!!  If you're normally not a big water drinker, get used to it, because it will only help you in the long run.  Tea/soda isn't hydrating whatsoever and has way too much sugar (one can of cola has the equivalent of 12 tablespoons-would you eat all that!?!).  Gatorade/Powerade is also good, especially for the days you're feeling extra thirsty... the electrolytes will help balance you out on the inside. They also have the lower calorie Gatorade/Powerade- genius!!!
When I was pregnant I got headaches everyday but then I started seeing a chiropractor practically once a week and they went away!
The shifting pregnancy hormones due cause some of us to experience frequent headaches during pregnancy. You should be able to take tylenol though. Check with your doctor.
I had the exact same issue. Most of the time it would last 6 out of 7 days. One day to relax and its back all of a sudden. I was reading about it and asked some of my co workers and they told me that once you get pregnant, your blood volume increases causing more head aches because of the different of blood reaching your head. Everytime I felt a little hungry I would eat a cracker. I would sneak off the sales floor to do it. Another thing helped was eating something with suger like a candy bar. Some people have a low suger balance once prenant causing the head aches as well. You should just try different things and see what would help. Once I started getting the head aches, getting sick came right after. It takes some time but it gets better once you find something that helps. If you are early in your pregnancy like I am then its your body mainly trying to get used to it. Also a lot of base in most songs didnt help for me so i would turn that part mostly off.
Sorry just realized when you asked the question. Hope everything went well for you :)

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