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Is it normal to have lower right abdominal pains throughout pregnancy?

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I have been having lower right abdominal pains the whole time I've been pregnant. They most often occur right after peeing or when I lay down to fast and they can be really faint or really strong. I just wanted to know if this was normal or if I needed to let my doctor know. I am 29 weeks pregnant.

answers (5)

i have been having the same thing maybe it is normal and im 28 weeks
I had them, I'm 31 weeks, and my doc said it's just the muscles stretching, but mention it just in case..
Lower abdomen pain is normal. I'm a little concerned because you only mentioned lower right. Do you have your appendix still? If the pain is only in your lower right, you want to tell your doctor for sure, especially if it gets sharp or severe. If you don't have your appendix, it makes sense to have more pain there, because scar tissue doesn't stretch as well, and would cause extra pain. If it is across your whole lower abdomen, and maybe just slightly worse on your right side, that is likely just the tissue stretching and tearing... hope that helps some.  
Thanks for the help guys :) I talked to the doctor and he said it's just pain from stretching.
Thanks for the help guys :) I talked to the doctor and he said it's just pain from stretching.

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