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Is it normal to have...gas?

4 answers
It seems like no matter what I eat I get gas! Is this normal, and is there anything that I can take to help it subside?

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Yes, gas is normal. If it really is every food that gives you gas, try eating smaller meals. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water over the course of a day, but not more than 16 oz. at once.
I am 6 wks and have bad gas and indigestion it doesn't matter how much I eat or what I eat.
lol. i found that is one of the downsides of pregnancy. Maalox is supposed to help with both heartburn and gas. But its kinda gonna stick around.
i have noticed this as well, when you're pregnant it takes longer for food do be digested and waste to be produced so it sits inside longer and gas becomes more prominent.  anyone who has had a child will understand what you're going through.

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